Protect the sites.

Lower costs.


About Ardanti Defense

Ardanti Defense is an independent company created in 2001 in Paris by François Ardant, which offers innovative site and force protection solutions (planning, command and control, cost reduction), and tactical mission preparation tools on tablet and smartphones.
The company works with a network of 460 specialties; former operational, technical experts, researchers.

Protection of sites


Strengthen protection against: intrusions, terrorism, sabotage, theft, espionage ... by pedestrians, vehicles, drones. When lives and assets are threatened.


3D AnalytiX, an innovative method and simulation tools. Chosen by the French Ministry of Defense and industrial groups.


• 3D digital audit of the field

• Choice and optimization of means, with a simulator

• Control and Control, hypervisioning of sensors and effectors

Mission preparation


Prepare tactical missions more efficiently: give operators the means to know and visualize the terrain and its constraints, sharing orders and informations.


3D PrépaMiss, a simple and intuitive, interoperable tool for infantrymen or special units.

Developed and used in the field with the French Ministry of Defense.


  • 3D terrain analysis
  • 3D design of the preparation
  • Geolocation friends and enemies.
  • Information sharing.


Studies and R&T


Explore the potential of disruptive technologies, produce technical operational studies, produce a demonstrator or a proof of concept.


Study and R & T; in liaison with public research laboratories and successful start-ups, we carry out technological projects.

Functions / terrain

  • Studies and Research
  • Design and production of technology  demonstrators
  • Field experiments in realistic environment


A know-how rewarded

Ardanti won the gold medal in the 4th category of big company projects at the Security trophies the 26th of september 2022 at Madeleine Theatre.

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A know-how rewarded | Ardanti Défense (

Our Partners


« With Ardanti Défense, we have found what we were looking for since 2 years: a clear method and easy tools to detect the protection weaknesses of the Ministry’s sensitive sites, and a way to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective reinforcements »

An officer from the French Ministry of

« An independent, innovative approach, a unified visualization that allows you to make unbiased decisions. »

Security Director of a large CAC 40 industrial group

Ardanti Défense

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