3D site audit

Outils de visualisation intuitifs

Assessing and improving the physical protection of sensitive sites


Growing threats target sensitive sites worldwide.  Site operators must be able to assess very precisely the level of phyical protection of their facilities. Experts are faced with the difficulty of accurately picturing complex facilities in 3D. They also are challenged by the need to imagine a wide array of intrusion and threat scenario combinations. Thorough knowledge of weaknesses being difficult to gather, improvements can be costly yet inefficient.


The 3D SiteAudit platform, stemming from the 3DLandScan technology developed by Ardanti Défense for the military and special forces, allows to assess and improve the quality of site protection by answering the following questions :

> which are the weakness areas ?

> which kind of threat might have the worst impact ?

> what is the added value of the steps being considered ?

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